Most Popular 'Star Trek' Episodes on Netflix are Shocking


Here’s how many episodes from the original 1960s Star Trek are considered to be in the top-10 most rewatchable on Netflix: zero. In fact, according to a new Netflix study, the most re-watched episodes across all existing six Trek series largely come from Star Trek: Voyager. This means, that if you’re a hardcore Trekkie and you are rewatching Trek on Netflix, the chances you are watching a Voyager episode is higher than TNG and the original series by a lot.

On September 8, Netflix released its top 10 episode list for most rewatched Star Trek episodes. According to TrekMovie, there’s one big caveat here “first episodes of a series will usually be the most watched,” so, for these numbers, Netflix excluded the debut episodes of each Star Trek series. Netflix also acknowledged that the original series and The Next Generation have a larger audience overall but that “but Voyager and Deep Space Nine have more loyal repeat customers.”

The breakdown from Netflix


At a cursory glance, the other huge winner other than Voyager is the hive-mind of the cybernetic Borg. The top five episodes all feature the Borg, as do the episodes “Dark Frontier” and the very first Next Generation episode with the Borg, “Q Who?”

Because Star Trek: Discovery will be streaming on Netflix in the UK, perhaps the writers and producers on the new Trek will take note: forget the Klingons. People want to see the Borg again.

Star Trek: Discovery hits CBS All-Access in the US on September 24 and Netflix in the UK on September 25.

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