Netflix Replaces the OG Miss Frizzle in ‘Magic School Bus’ Reboot

This is an insult.


Miss Frizzle is one of the most beloved educators of all time, but apparently, the teachers union she belongs to isn’t powerful enough to protect her from being replaced with a younger teacher. The first trailer for Netflix’s Magic School Bus reboot is here, and it shows the OG Miss Frizzle we all know and love getting tossed aside in favor of her younger, hipper, hotter sister, Fiona Frizzle.

Fans were excited back in February when Netflix announced that Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon would be voicing Miss Frizzle in the reboot, The Magic School Bus Rides Again. Amidst all the excitement, though, it was easy to overlook an important clarification. McKinnon wouldn’t be voicing that Miss Frizzle. The beloved teacher from the PBS star would still be voiced by the great Lily Tomlin, but McKinnon usurper Frizzle would be taking her class on adventures instead.

In the trailer, which hit the web on Tuesday, we see Tomlin’s Frizzle welcome McKinnon’s Frizzle to the class. It appears to be an amicable transition of power, but it still stings. What business does “Miss Frizzle’s kid sister,” as Netflix describes Fiona, have teaching children? What are her credentials? Why isn’t the original Miss Frizzle cool enough for today’s youth? She has a magic school bus, for crying out loud. Isn’t that good enough?

The best case scenario, here, is that while Fiona Frizzle is taking the class on dangerous educational adventures, the OG Frizzle is on a beach somewhere pounding Mai Tais. She deserves that, and much, much more.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again will begin streaming on Netflix on September 29.

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