Why These Dinosaurs Shuffled for Justice in Washington 

"We're coming to get you!", one T-Rex shouted through its inflatable mouth.

Harrison Jones

Sometimes, justice plows through its opponents with righteous fury. Other times, justice shuffles ahead while wearing an inflatable T-rex costume.

On Wednesday, a crowd of protestors dressed in dinosaur costumes marched on the White House to protest President Trump’s proposed cuts to programs including the Peace Corps and Americorps, otherwise known as the employers of America’s liberal arts college graduates. According to Trump’s proposed 2018 budget, which will start to roll out in October, the government branch that oversees Americorps will be eliminated entirely. That organization employs 80,000 Americans per year.

Alarmed by Trump’s distaste for national service, the protesters donned inflatable T-rex costumes and carried signs that read, “Stop national service extinction,” capitalizing on their gimmick. They were quite a sight, hobbling around in front of the White House and bumping into each other.

According to the protesters, their movement used the hashtags #LetusServe and #DinosinDC to spread their distaste for Trump’s budget. Service Year’s website reads:

If Trump’s budget becomes reality, then the 80,000 young people who serve every year won’t be teaching in our underperforming schools, supporting our veterans, responding to natural disasters, maintaining our national parks, or tackling issues like the opioid epidemic and unemployment. In other words — if President Trump’s budget becomes reality, national service will end up like the dinosaurs.

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