'Blade Runner 2049' Poster Is More Colorful Than All the Trailers

Warner Bros.

The future is looking uncharacteristically bright in a new poster for Blade Runner 2049. If this poster is anything to go by, the sequel to 1982’s Blade Runner might step away from the classic noir theme of the first film.

The new poster, revealed on Thursday, depicts Officer K (Ryan Gosling) and Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) looking out dramatically over a neon-lit city, with K drenched in orange light and Deckard in a teal-shaded blue. Ana de Armas’s Joi stands dramatically between the two colors, looking out directly at the audience while Jared Leto’s villainous Niander Wallace glares into the orange side of the poster.

Whether or not these colors mean anything about the characters’ allegiances, connections, and storylines is yet to be determined, but, if anything, the poster’s colors definitely confirm that fans of the original Blade Runner should probably prepare themselves for a different world. Or, at least, a different tone. Thirty years can make a big difference.

Blade Runner 2049 premieres in theaters on October 6.

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