Jared Leto Is a Deadly Warmonger in New 'Blade Runner' Trailer

Sony Pictures, Warner Bros.

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) and Officer K (Ryan Gosling) take a back seat to the villainous Niander Wallace (Jared Leto) and his deadly plans in the latest trailer for Blade Runner 2049.

The sequel to the 1982 cult classic Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049 skips forward 30 years to find LAPD Officer K on a search for Deckard, who disappeared not long after the events of the first film. Supposedly, K needs Deckard’s help to put a stop to the dastardly plans of Niander Wallace.

This new international TV spot gives fans a more intense look into Wallace’s plan of what seems to be world domination via Replicants.

“Replicants are the future of the species,” Wallace says in the trailer, sounding weak and world-weary. “But I can only make so many.”

Robin Wright’s Lieutenant Joshi jumps in to inform viewers that Wallace has “every gun in the city,” and that she’s relying entirely on K’s expertise and, supposedly, his ability to track down Deckard. They’re the only ones who can put a stop to Wallace’s plan.

With Wallace determined to create an army of Replicants to take on the humans and take over the city, will K and Deckard be able to stop him in time?

Blade Runner 2049 premieres in theaters on October 6.