How Flat-Earthers Explain the Eclipse Is Surprisingly Reasonable

It's rare moment of agreement.

As the Great American Eclipse of 2017 makes its way across the continental United States, people are breaking out their eclipse glasses, pinhole projectors, and even camera phones to sneak a peek at the astronomical phenomenon. Even flat-Earth conspiracy theorists are getting in on the fun.

Surprisingly, this rare occurrence presents us with a moment in which most flat-Earthers and, well, everyone else find themselves in agreement with one another. This notoriously argumentative bunch of conspiracy theorists tends to dismiss scientific evidence that all the rest of us agree on, but in this case, flat-Earther dogma agrees with conventional astronomy: A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun.

Snarky citizens took to Twitter to try to make flat-Earthers look stupid, but the official account of the Flat Earth Society snapped back to put the “roundies” in their place:

Much like everyone across the United States, however, they’re enjoying it:

Some people in the group seems rather bored of the attention.

This doesn’t stop them for engaging with every single person who wants to argue with them.

Other flat-Earthers are taking the opportunity to highlight other research about the flat Earth, too. After all, what else should you do when the attention is focused so squarely on your movement?

Of course, some hardcore flat-Earthers are taking to Twitter to call NASA out on the round Earth fakery, eclipse related or not.

Whether you believe the Earth is flat or not, please enjoy the eclipse safely.

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