Rumored Jabba the Hutt Movie Is Too Much for 'Star Wars' Fans


Jabba the Hutt’s beautiful face could soon grace theaters everywhere once again. Rumors of a Jabba the Hutt standalone Star Wars anthology are running amok, and fans aren’t having it.

Star Wars fans rejoiced at the news that Lucasfilm and Disney have a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi film in the works. The Obi-Wan movie seems like a sure thing, even though the world is still waiting on official confirmation and a potential premiere date from Lucasfilm. Rumored alongside the Obi-Wan announcement are Yoda and Boba Fett standalone films, but they’re at such an early stage that they don’t even have director attached to them.

Variety’s report on the Obi-Wan film mentioned the potential Boba Fett standalone as well, but it also mentioned a Jabba movie.

Star Wars fans aren’t too fond of the idea of a Jabba movie.

Not only would a majority of the film consist of subtitles — unless Jabba’s suddenly learned how to speak Basic as well as his native Huttese — but fans also think there are a few more important films to make in the Star Wars universe before a Jabba film.


Diego Luna (Cassian Andor) is well-known among fans as a weirdly huge Jabba fan, so it only makes sense for Luna to be involved in this still-hypothetical movie. A lot of Star Wars fans are only on board with the Jabba film if Luna gets to touch Jabba.

The rumored Jabba the Hutt movie is not confirmed and therefore does not have a release date.

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