'Game of Thrones’ Map Shows Just How Slow the White Walkers Are


The army of “walking dead men,” as Tyrion calls the White Walkers, are the biggest threat on Game of Thrones. But, one can’t help but notice that for a terrifying foe, they’re awfully sluggish. A new map comparing their travels to Jon Snow’s illuminates just how little progress they’ve made.

The map, which Game of Thrones theorist BryndenBFish shared on his twitter account, compares Jon Snow’s travels since Season 5’s “Hardhome” to the White Walkers’ travels during that same timespan. And the difference is almost comical, with the green line denoting Jon looping all over Westeros. The red line denoting the White Walkers is tiny in comparison to Jon’s hustle from Castle Black to Winterfell, to Dragonstone to Eastwatch.

It’s worth noting that the map is not 100 percent accurate — Jon was indeed on the north side of the Wall when he returned from Hardhome, whereas the map has him taking the same path just south of the Wall. There’s also a sound reason the White Walkers haven’t made much progress. The magic in the Wall keeps them from traveling beyond it for now. What’s the point of hustling if there’s an insurmountable barrier, at least for now?

Still, Season 7 has played fast and lose with travel times more than any other season, and this is a continuation of that trend. Minor errors aside, the map is a sound representation of Jon Snow’s travels compared to the Night King. It looks like in matters of travel, at least, Jon Snow knows something.

Game of Thrones Season 7 continues on Sunday night at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO.

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