Snapchat Adds a Pikachu Filter and Fans Are in Love

It's time to really electrify your selfie game.


Now’s the time to electrify your selfie game, because a Pikachu Snapchat filter dropped today.

Forgot the dog face, because for a limited time Snapchat users can slap Pikachu’s ears, nose, and bright-red cheek circles onto their own faces. The Pokémon Company announced via its blog Monday morning that for a limited time only, Snapchat would have this new Pikachu Lens. Other subtle facial tweaks also factor in, like magnified eyes and a rounding of the face. It’s totally shocking and absolutely electric.

As an added bonus, opening your mouth with the Lens on makes a Pikachu appear. The little Pokémon strikes a pose, gives you a kiss, and then shouts at you before using Thundershock right on your face. Typical date night.

The whole thing is actually a lot of fun, especially because it uses the authentic Pikachu voice and a recent character model.

It’s supposedly available over the next three days in conjunction with the Pikachu Outbreak event currently happening in Japan:

Fans are pretty excited:

Mainly because it’s so awesome.

Several of them are utterly shocked:

Some more than others:

Most are having a good time with it:

To some, this is a #dreamcomechu.

Usages vary from electrifyingly sweet to wildly energetic.

Even Arrow’s Stephen Amell got in on the action:

And it’s reminding some people of Pikachu’s cuter moments from the anime:

Because let’s be real, that’s the definitive Pikachu in all our hearts.

The official Pokémon News Blog promises that the Pikachu Lens will be around for a very short time, so be sure to snap all your selfies now while you still can.

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