You Won't Believe How Much 'Last Jedi' Toys are Going For on eBay

There’s been a disturbance in the Force: Star Wars fans have made their own retro-styled Last Jedi action figures, and they’re selling these custom toys on eBay along side real toys from Episode VIII.

In the past two weeks, several Star Wars: The Last Jedi action figures have popped up in eBay auctions, though most of them aren’t officially-licensed toys, but instead, figures created by fans. And, they’re going for a way more then you’d pay at Target. Want a “Jedi Training” version of Rey from The Last Jedi, done in the style of old-school Kenner action figures from the ‘80s? The starting bid on that creation is $49.99. Meanwhile, a different, custom version of Rey from The Last Jedi starts at 79.99.

To put this in perspective, real Luke Skywalker and Rey action figures — which were exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con — are starting at about $76.00 on eBay for both of them.

Legitimate  'Last Jedi' action figures from Comic-Con

A search for Last Jedi toys on eBay will also yield a few toys that seem real, but have probably been leaked illegally. Specifically, there are already a few listings for those red-robed mysteriously named Praetorian Guards. Sadly, if you search for the new cute-alien Porgs, the only thing you’ll find on eBay are Star Wars “pogs” from Taco Bell, circa 1999.

A fan-made, custom Rey action figure.

Actual, real toys from Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit retailers everywhere on “Force Friday”. which this year, will happen on September 1.

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