'Last Jedi' Legos Reveal New Ships, Red Praetorian Guards

The latest images of Legos from Star Wars: The Last Jedi have revealed that either Kylo Ren or Supreme Leader Snoke will employee imposing guards who rock ostentatious red robes, just like the Royal Imperial Guards in Return of the Jedi.

On Thursday, Star Wars Leaks on Reddit posted a ton of leaked images of forthcoming Legos based on The Last Jedi. There’s some images of a large Lego Rey, a new Star Destroyer, and the new Skimmer ships glimpsed in the first trailer. But, the biggest news is the badass-looking “Praetorian Guards,” wearing all red. As mentioned, these characters have a similar vibe to the Royal Imperial Guards who hung around the Emperor, though they look decidedly tougher, partly because they’re carrying a weapon that seems to have blades on both ends.

But what could “Praetorian” mean? Well, it’s an old adjective which basically means something related to a “Praetor,” a word that describes a leader in ancient Rome, ussually someone who commands an army.

So, who is the Praetor in The Last Jedi? The good money would be on Supreme Leader Snoke, though it’s possible Kylo Ren could have “Praetorian” Guards or maybe even General Hux? It’s also worth nothing that in the expanded non-canon comic stories called Crimson Empire, Royal Imperial Guards had similar double-bladed weapons.

'Crimson Empire' art by Dave Dorman

Dark Horse Comics

The other big news was the shot of a new ship called a Resistance Transport Pod. Presumably, this will be a ship flown by Rose and Finn in the new movie. Interestingly, the ship looks very similar to a ship sitting next to the Millennium Falcon in the newly released images from Disney Parks for their Star Wars attraction.

Finally, as previously reported, Kylo Ren will fly a TIE Fighter in The Last Jedi and it looks like it will have a lot in common with his grandfather’s custom TIE Fighter from the classic Star Wars trilogy.

The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

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