The First Real Must-Have Device for Urban Runners Is About to Hit the Market

Inhaling smog is never healthy.

Urban runners concerned that outdoor workouts might be doing more harm (lungwise) than good, aren't being unreasonable. Spikes in pollution in many of the world's cities are bolstering the treadmill market and clearing out the parks. Now there's something just short of a solution, a canary for the mine.

With the new Awair device, (don’t blame us, we didn’t name it) runners and walkers and breathers can analyze air quality and find out if any allergens they are sensitive to are hanging around, and get tips for fixing alarmingly particle-filled air.

The machine wasn’t engineered with runners specifically in mind, but it’s a killer app for not killing yourself with smog. Gulping up pollution is the downside of living in a neighborhood where you can get a drink after 9 p.m., so pick up one of these radio-looking monitors if you plan on competing in that charity marathon. You’ve got to be good to yourself too.