The Secret Villain in 'Wonder Woman' Almost Looked a Lot Scarier

'Wonder Woman'

During the dramatic climax of Wonder Woman, Diana faces down with a dapper, mustachioed god of war. But, new concept art reveals how Ares was originally meant to look a lot more intimidating, and huge.

Peter McKinstry, a designer who worked on Wonder Woman, shared original concept art for Ares to his Instagram on Tuesday. And, this version of the god is a total beast. While the costume loosely resembles the Greek warrior vibe that the movie ultimately went with, it’s much more polished. There are added details to the sword, shield, and helm which make the god look even more formidable.

McKinstry’s version is also much broader and looks more powerful. Having Ares’s face obscured behind a dark, horned mask especially makes him seem all the more badass.

In Wonder Woman, when the milquetoast and mustachioed Sir Patrick Morgan (David Thewlis) reveals himself to be Ares, it proved a tough pill to swallow. Could the same guy that played Remus Lupin with such meek yet assertive charm in Harry Potter really be a badass god of war?

Throughout the ensuing battle between Wonder Woman and Ares, Thewlis’s disembodies face lingered in a gnarly set of armor that was neither large no particularly threatening.

The viewer never really doubted that Diana would win the fight. But if she came up against McKinstry’s original version, that confrontation could have looked a lot different:

The original Ares concept looked even more badass.

Peter McKinstry

Wonder Woman will appear alongside other DC heroes in Justice League, due out on November 17, 2017.