The 6 Most Satisfying Subreddits to Read When You're High

There's more out there than just r/trees.

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It’s a Wednesday night, and you’re bored. Your roommate is on a Tinder date, and you already saw your sorta-kinda-we’re-just-having-fun paramour once this week and don’t want to seem needy.

A trip to the movies is expensive, and so is going out to eat alone. Going for a run? Fat chance. Gee Brain, what do we want to do tonight? Same thing we do every night, Pinky — smoke weed and go online!

But where do you go if you’re high? The internet is a vast and terrible expanse, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and fall back into something that feels familiar as a reflex. Before you rewatch Inglorious Basterds again or spend two hours looking at starter pack memes, take a gander at these subreddits instead. They’re all moderately active and actively weird — perfect fodder for a hazy evening spent next to an open box of Cheez-its and the nagging sensation that you’re forgetting something.

Or afternoon. Morning. Whatever, we don’t judge.

1 r/FoodPorn

This picture of cheese curds is stressing me out. 


It’s a little cliché, but the fact remains that hunger and marijuana are wonderful bedfellows. r/FoodPorn is at once maddening and inspiring, a subreddit dedicated entirely to beautiful pictures of food.

Burgers, pizza, fries, and ice cream are all lovingly documented, as well as homemade breakfast platters and loaves of bread. Cheese oozes and yolks glisten. The delicacies on display should be enough motivation to tinker around in your own kitchen- or to get up off your ass and order takeout.

2. r/mildlyinteresting

On r/mildlyinteresting this image was captioned "How the grass turned my dog green"


One of the best parts about being high is that things that are only kind of interesting become super interesting, like the history of World War I or some of my ex-boyfriends. r/mildlyinteresting, with tagline “Unleash your mild side,” is a perfect example of marijuana’s fascination-enhancing effects. This subreddit is full of pictures of things that will make you say, “Oh, huh.” Unusual animals, accidental optical illusions, and noteworthy packaging errors are all recurring motifs.

A note of caution: if you see something on this subreddit that compels you to text a friend or relative, open it in a separate tab and wait twenty minutes and then look at it again. If you remember why you thought it was cool enough to send to someone else at second glance, then go for it. But you probably won’t.

3. r/LetsNotMeet

Harrowing accounts of harrowing encounters


This subreddit is populated by tales of scary encounters with strangers or stalkers, and if you’re a spooky bitch you will absolutely eat this up. r/LetsNotMeet is best browsed at night when you’re home alone but know that someone else is going to be back soon. It’s chock full of creepy incidents and has a display screen that will make anyone who sees you reading it ask, “Uh, what are you looking at?”

Unlike r/nosleep, the subreddit dedicated to horror fiction, the stories on r/LetsNotMeet are all supposedly true. And though some of them seem a little far-fetched, there are some genuinely terrifying, verified tales on this forum. If you want a compelling case for stocking up on pepper spray or installing an alarm system, this is the place to find one.

4. r/woahdude

Whooooah, dude! 


There are computer animation, intricate paintings and video manipulation galore on this subreddit, and you can definitely find something cool on here to repost to the art blog you secretly run. Some of the material here can veer into the fractal-y, “trippy visuals” realm, but like r/FoodPorn, it’s a gimmick that works for a reason. Hey, at least it’s not as corny as r/trees.

5. r/youtubehaiku

Whether you’re unwilling to commit to an entire movie or still mourning the loss of Vine, this subreddit is dedicated to short, funny videos that typically run 30 seconds or less.

r/youtubehaiku offers quick hits from older, obscure videos as well as riffs on memes or short features from popular Youtubers like Ian Kung or ProZD. Not all of the videos are hilarious, but there are definitely some gems and worst case scenario, it’s not like you’ll waste a meaningful amount of time watching them.

6. r/nottheonion

All of this stuff actually happened. 


Watching someone get mad online about an Onion article is, simply put, one of the finer things in life. This subreddit inverts that idea by plucking headlines that seem too ridiculous to be real and putting them all in one place. If you’re the kind of person who smokes a joint and then waxes poetic about the absurdities of society, then r/nottheonion is right up your alley.

As mainstream news grows increasingly cartoonish, so does the quality of the content on here. Which means there’s at least one perk for weed smokers of an administration whose Attorney General has made his vendetta against marijuana clear. Take a long drag of this high-grade content while you still can.

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