Killer Frost Is No More in 'The Flash' Season 4 Trailer

Autumn is just a few months away, but things are heating up again in Central City. In the Season 4 trailer for The Flash, which debuted this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Team Flash is in despair after losing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), but the team is quick to welcome back a restored Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), who seems to cured of her sinister Killer Frost alter-ego.

Last season on The Flash, after Barry restored the normal timeline from the alternate Flashpoint reality, several normal civilians awakened to their metahuman powers. One of them included Caitlin Snow, whose ice-cold superpowers began to take over and an evil alter-ego emerged in the form of Killer Frost. Caitlin looked high and low for a cure, but towards the season finale, she allied with Savitar and embraced her bad self. In the show’s finale, she ditched Savitar but went off on her own and even rejected a cure from Julian (Tom Felton). Caitlin is gone, she said. Only Killer Frost lives.

Now, in the Season 4 trailer, the tables have turned. Although there is nary an explanation, Panabaker seems back in her old Caitlin Snow identity, wielding Captain Cold’s Cold Gun as a sort of in-joke. “Expecting someone else?” Caitlin quips. Yeah, we were, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. During the panel at Comic-Con, Panabaker said fans who love either Killer Frost or Caitlin Snow won’t be disappointed in the upcoming season.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Team Flash deals with having no Flash to protect the city. Instead, Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Vibe (Carlos Valdez) step up as Central City’s protectors as they battle against a superpowered Samurai, possibly Baron Katana, a deep-cut villain who last appeared in comics in 1968.

The Flash will return to the CW on October 10.

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