First Footage of John Boyega in 'Pacific Rim Uprising' Is Badass

A new video featuring the very first footage from the upcoming Pacific RimUprising displays some sleek new Jaeger designs, but best of all, it shows John Boyega as Jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost looking like a total badass as the face of what looks like a recruitment commercial for the human military.

Dubbed a “Jaeger uprising recruitment video,” this video directs fans to a website that lets you explore Jaeger blueprints and “sign up” for the Jaeger program.

Fans might recognize the voice of Ellen McLain, who uses the same voice of GLaDOS (from the Portal video game series) for the A.I. onboard the Jaegers from the first Pacific Rim. As sleek, shiny curves from the seemingly brand-new Jaegers drift across the screen, she delivers a soothing and inspirational monologue about how humans saved themselves from the apocalypse through innovation.

When Boyega finally hits the screen, all he says is “join the Jaeger uprising!” before smashing his fist into his opposite hand, piloting the new and improved version of the Gypsy Danger, called Gypsy Avenger, as he does so. The sequence also shows a series of extremely agile, versatile Jaegers that will fight alongside Pentecost and the Gypsy Avenger.

Check out the badass video right here:

The full text spoken by the A.I. is inspiration in the way that military recruitment videos tend to aim for:

“What is a Jaeger? The Jaeger is the pinnacle of human invention. When the monsters came, we did not wait for heroes to fall from the sky and save us. We saved ourselves. Innovation is our superpower. What is a Jaeger? It’s you, times a thousand, tall as a mountain, with a beating heart that burns as bright as the sun, enabling us all to become the heroic version of ourselves.”

Boyega’s Pentecost looks to be the new hotshot Jaeger pilot in Pacific Rim: Uprising, and we can’t wait to see him in action.

Pacific Rim: Uprising will be released February 23, 2018.

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