It Is a Statistical Certainty That You Have Consumed Dinosaur Urine

Scientist have invested a lot of time on this, and they're pretty sure there's raptor piss in your tap water.


Anybody ever convince you of that urban myth about how we eat so many spiders in our sleep ever year? You’d have to be a real sucker to believe that. Hope you didn’t fall for it. By the way, you are absolutely drink dinosaur piss.

The long road from Jurassic watering hole through a brachiosaurus' kidneys and millions of years before shooting from your kitchen tap is chronicled in this great video. None of this is startling to scientists who've been studying the planet's water supply, who've said before that the water we have today is basically the same as the dinosaurs had. Here's a good book if you want to know more about water. Seriously. And enjoy your cold dinosaur pee with a few cubes of frozen dinosaur pee this summer.

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