The Riddler Is the New Villain of Telltale's 'Batman' Sequel

Late last year, the expert storytellers at Telltale Games released Batman: The Telltale Series for consoles and PC. Despite it being a Batman game that was light on action, Telltale’s take on the Dark Knight and his world was pretty damn awesome. So it’s little surprise that Telltale has just announced a sequel, Batman: The Enemy Within, which will pit Batman against one of his most famous enemies, the Riddler.

In a “Summer 2017” update released Wednesday on YouTube, Telltale announced three of its next games: Batman: The Enemy Within, which premieres August, The Walking Dead: The Final Season in 2018, and the long-anticipated sequel to the Fabes video game The Wolf Among Us, also slated for 2018.

The first game Telltale talks about is its Batman sequel. Besides confirming the Riddler, Telltale also announced the return of “John Doe,” whom they describe as a “proto Joker” and may pose a bigger threat than he already seems. But the Riddler is an exciting choice for Telltale; because Telltale specializes in branching narrative games, the Riddler’s obsession for puzzles makes him tailor-made for the Telltale experience.

In last year’s Batman: The Telltale Series, a young Batman — barely two years into his crime-fighting crusade — goes up against his former friend Harvey Dent, who slowly descends into madness as Two-Face. Batman also comes face to face with an early version of the Penguin, who was reimagined as one of Bruce’s childhood friends gone astray.

Batman: The Enemy Within is coming soon.

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