'Jessica Jones’ Season 2 May Add a Classic Daredevil Villain

Marvel Entertainment

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands, so does its roster of superheroes and villains. The second season of Marvel’s Peabody-winning Netflix series Jessica Jones has just cast actress Leah Gibson (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) as “Ingrid,” a role fans are speculating may be the mutant supervillain Typhoid Mary, who in the comics is a regular nemesis and former lover of Daredevil.

Variety is reporting that Gibson has been cast as a series regular named Ingrid, who in alleged casting breakdowns is described as a bisexual female with dark hair, “attractive and edgy,” and “has a history of living on the streets. Educated as a nurse, but street-wise.”

In the comics, Typhoid Mary — who first appeared in Daredevil #254 in 1988 — is actually named Mary Walker, a human mutant with dissociative identity disorder whose three personalities vastly differ from the other. She’s also a skilled killer and expert swordsman with some limited mind control powers.

Typhoid Mary in 'Daredevil' #256.

Marvel Entertainment

In Jessica Jones, Ingrid is described as an educated nurse but has lived on the streets. Fans still speculate Ingrid is a new version of Typhoid Mary — which would have to be the case, since she couldn’t be a Mutant, since Fox owns the rights to all the X-Men characters and terms. Although she isn’t a nurse, Mary has survived on her own. In her origins, she worked in a brothel when Daredevil, in hot pursuit of a criminal, accidentally knocked her out of a window which activated her mutant powers. With her abilities, she gained employment as a hired killer for organized crime syndicates, such as the Kingpin and even Doctor Doom.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2018.