Amazon's Hilarious 'The Tick' Reboot Has a New Trailer

A year after Amazon shared the pilot episode of The Tick for its annual Pilot Season, the reboot now has a trailer to hype up fans who can’t wait for its August 25 premiere. With an even lighter tone, a new, bluer costume, and pretty definitive confirmation that the Tick isn’t just in Arthur’s imagination, The Tick* looks like it’ll be Amazon’s first superhero hit.

Based on Ben Edlund’s indie comic book superhero turned cult media franchise, Amazon’s The Tick reboots the story of the titular hero (Peter Serafinowicz), an amnesiac with super abilities who fights crime in The City. Accompanying him is Arthur Everest (Griffin Newman), a mild-mannered accountant who hates superheroes. Arthur lost his family to their collateral destruction, but in The Tick, he finds himself suiting up in a moth-like costume.

The new trailer shows a dramatically lighter tone to than the original pilot’s grim tone suggested. While Amazon’s The Tick pilot was still outrageously funny, it also felt postmodernist as it attempted a sincerely dark take on the character and his world. Some fans even theorized that the big blue Tick might be some kind of illusion or a manifestation of Arthur’s traumatic past. Based on the trailer, it’s pretty clear that the Tick is real.

See the new trailer for The Tick below.

The Tick premieres on Amazon Prime on August 25.

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