New Action Shot of Rey from 'Star Wars: Battlefront II'

Some of the best and most revealing action shots from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, have interestingly, not come from actual footage from The Last Jedi. A new shot of Rey in action with her lightsaber comes from the video game Star Wars: Battlefront II.

On Sunday, game developer Electronic Arts released a new iamge of Rey from the game, along with her stats and abilities for game play. This is the second time glimpses of characters from Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi have been featured in promotion for Battlefront II. Previously, Kylo Ren’s new cape and Rey’s Jedi-like tunic showed up in Battlefront II screenshots. This time, the larger shot shows Rey in a costume more similar to what she wore for the majority of The Force Awakens. The description also refers to her as a “mysterious scavenger.” For fans still curious about her parentage, the emphasis will remain on “mysterious” until The Last Jedi hits theaters.

The in-game action footage also doesn’t offer anything up for The Last Jedi, at least not in terms of Rey’s character. Instead, it features largely anachronistic gameplay of Rey fighting Battle Droids from the prequel era. This isn’t to say Rey won’t fight these kinds of battle droids in The Last Jedi, just that her doing so on the planet Naboo seems pretty unlikely. Still, it seems like we’re getting a good idea of Rey’s abilities in The Last Jedi, all via Battlefront II previews.

The multi-player beta features for Star Wars Battlefront II are coming in November of 2017, just a month before The Last Jedi hits theaters.

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