What Gillian Anderson Wants the New 'X-Files' to Fix


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Gillian Anderson, queen of all that is good and decent in the world, caused a stir on Thursday after pointing out a verifiable fact. A report that no women have been hired on to write the upcoming season of The X-Files caught the star’s attention, which prompted her to speak out against gender inequality.

As Anderson, who portrays the beloved Dana Scully in the cult FBI conspiracy drama series, points out, only two out of a total 207 episodes in the original X-Files series were directed by women. The original report about Season 11 of The X-Files hiring only men to write the 10-episode season came from IndieWire.

While it’s not a surprise, it’s definitely a disappointment.

“I too look forward to the day when the number are different,” Anderson tweeted, adding #TheFutureisFemale for good measure.

This response from Anderson, which received overwhelming approval from fans of the series, is on-trend with a burgeoning movement to include more female writers and directors for both television series and movies. CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery currently has more female writers than ever before in Star Trek history and the British cult classic Doctor Who has brought on a female writer for its upcoming season (not that one female writer is anything to congratulate the series for). Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is a cultural and critical hit.

The X-Files was picked up for another renewal season — technically the show’s 11th overall — in April, and is expected to premiere sometime in early 2018.

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