‘Jumanji’ Welcomes The Rock to the Jungle in First Trailer

Also, Jack Black gets savaged by a hippo.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Is the first trailer for the Jumanji reboot, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle scored to Guns N’ Roses’s classic rock song “Welcome to the Jungle?” You bet your ass it is! The spot, which came out on Thursday, introduces viewers to the cursed game’s latest players, and there are some body-swapping shenanigans that are pretty upsetting when you think about them, just like most of the core concept of Jumanji.

Our characters are a group of teens who encounter Jumanji — now a video game because it’s 2017, jeez — and decide to play. They choose their player characters only to find they’ve been sucked into the dangerous jungle of the game and transformed into their avatars. The scrawny boy who becomes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has to come to terms with being a beefy hunk of muscle even though he’s still insecure. The kid who turns into Kevin Hart freaks out because he’s short, while the girl who turns into Karen Gillan laments how impractical and revealing her jungle outfit is, thereby letting Jumanji have its cake and eat it too.

The biggest change, though, is the “hot girl” of the group, who finds that she’s been transformed into Jack Black. This is played for comedy because she’s just so disgusted to inhabit the body of a somewhat portly man. Later on in the trailer, she’s brutally attacked by a hippo.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hits theaters on December 20.