Here's When New 'Last Jedi' Footage Will Probably Be Shown

New footage from Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi will doubtlessly be let out into the world next month, just probably not to the general public. As the lineup for Disney’s trade show expo D23 reveals, Lucasfilm will be showing off something to those in attendance, which historically, means some new Star Wars footage.

On Wednesday, the full schedule for the D23 conference was made publicly available, and it looks like possible Last Jedi stuff will be happening on July 15 at 10:30 a.m. Pacific. Recent similar trade shows — including a Disney shareholder meeting in March — have unleashed all sorts of tantalizing Star Wars tidbits, even when the footage wasn’t made public. Back in 2015, the D23 expo also produced a special The Force Awakens promotional poster, created by legendary artist Drew Struzan. It wasn’t the final promotional poster for the film, but it basically should have been.

Detail of Drew Struzan's 2015 'Force Awakens' poster for the D23 conference

So, mark your calendars, and keep checking back here on July 15. We’ll post details about new Last Jedi footage as they are known.

The Last Jedi will hit theaters in wide release on December 15.

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