Obi-Wan Is a Dangerous Tatooine Cowboy in Fan-Made Movie Poster

Before Obi-Wan Kenobi lowered his hood and greeted R2-D2 with a bemused “hello, there,” he was kicking it alone on Tatooine for almost 20 years. What he got up to during that time is anyone’s guess, but a lot of Star Wars fans have been calling for the next standalone film to be an Obi-Wan adventure starring an aging Ewan McGregor. One fan artist took that desire to the next level, though, and created a full-on conceptual movie poster.

The poster, which simply titles the film Kenobi, was made by artist Tom L. Sharp, and started getting traction online when he posted it to Reddit under the username SirJediPanda.

Made in classic spaghetti western style, the poster labels Kenobi as being “adult entertainment” — meaning this would be an R-rated Star Wars movie — and features Obi-Wan as a sort of Jedi cowboy. He takes on Stormtroopers and a masked villain with a long coat, cowboy hat, and breathing mechanism.

Tom L. Sharp/Imgur

“If you come to Tatooine … you don’t mess with … the most dangerous man on the planet!!” the poster says, taking the good-natured cheesiness of spaghetti westerns to heart while still reminding everyone of something very important: Don’t mess with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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