'The Gifted' Star Assures Characters Will Look the Comics


The X-Men movie franchise is scary close to reaching its 20th anniversary, but the world of mutants is only just beginning to expand. Following last spring’s Legion on FX, the next X-TV show, Fox’s The Gifted, is set to premiere this fall in primetime. The show follows the Struckers, a family who learns their children are mutants and join an underground group to escape the clutches of the government.

In Marvel’s X-Men comics, there are of course underground mutant groups who evade a racist government, but The Gifted won’t star any of the popular X-Men — at least for now. But the show will have characters from the comics, and in an interview with Fox 5 Vegas (via Heroic Hollywood), actress Lorna Dane says they will retain their bizarre looks.

“We have people who expect a certain thing and of course we want to stick by the original mythology,” says Dane, who plays the green-haired Polaris on The Gifted. Fans are hoping Dane’s character will retain her comic book looks, which she assures that she will.

“People will direct message me almost every day, they’re like ‘We want to see the green hair! We want to see the green hair!’ I promise you, you will get the green hair.”

Jamie Chung, who plays the mutant Blink, also added that The Gifted will eventually get to a place where these characters look as they do in the comics. It just won’t be immediate, as the show is about mutants who are only just discovering their powers.

“These will be the beginning stages of these mutants discovering their powers,” says Chung. “I think eventually these characters will develop into something that the fans are familiar with, in terms of the comic books.”

The Gifted will air this fall on Fox.

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