Robot Bartenders are Coming to Vegas This Summer

Royal Caribbean

At the end of the month, a new bar called Tipsy Robot will open on the Las Vegas strip and people will be able to go and enjoy a variety of cocktails mixed by robots, which are in fact just two rather large mechanical arms that seem more at home on an assembly line.

The robots, which bear the job title of galactic ambassador (yes, really) mix drinks by mimicking the arm motions of human bartenders. They will serve cocktails that Las Vegas Eater reports were previously only found on the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas cruise liner, which has featured its own robotic bar since 2014.

That menu includes classic drinks like the Manhattan and an allegedly “ultimate” cosmopolitan, which can be ordered via iPad. With increased automation comes increased precision, and the robot bartenders will be able to mix about two drinks per minute, providing an estimate for how long each customer will have to wait.

The galactic ambassadors shaking up some cocktails

Tipsy Robot

Plans for the bar began in January, when the Vegas-based company Robotic Innovations trademarked the name Tipsy Robot and started placing it onto merchandise.

But for those looking for a more traditional bar experience and perhaps to reassure us that the robots aren’t coming for all of our jobs, a human bartender will also be mixing drinks on the other side of the bar.

To get an idea of how Tipsy Bartender might work, check out this promotional video of the fully-automated bar in action.

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