ISIS Is About to Destroy More Ancient Stuff

Fighting nears ancient ruins in Palmyra

ISIS forces have closed in on the Syrian city of Palmyra, according to The New York Times. Given that ISIS has destroyed tons of ancient art on their campaign throughout the Middle East, the global community is concerned about Palmyra, a site where the ruins are over 2,000 years old.

ISIS has claimed sites like these contain idolatry, though sometimes they stash items they know to be valuable and sell them in order to finance their war efforts. Townspeople, in order to stay neutral in the conflict, have said that they will remain indoors while the fighting continues.

Palmyra's metropolis dates back to the Old Testament and also was eventually eclipsed by the Roman Empire. Though curators are doing their best to clear out museums of valuable artifacts and history, ISIS has made it clear that their war includes the region's history as well as the region.

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