Berric Dondarrion Heads North in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Photo


While Jon Snow’s resurrection was one of the most world-changing developments in Game of Thrones’s sixth season, the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch isn’t the first person to be brought back to life. A new photo from the upcoming seventh season shows that Berric Dondarrion, a character from Season 3 with several resurrections under his belt, will have a big part to play this year. And, it seems like he’ll cross paths with Jon Snow, which could be a foreboding omen.

Who the hell is Berric and why is this ominous for Jon? Aside from a brief appearance when he crossed paths with Sandor Clegane in Season 6’s “No One”, Berric Dondarrion hasn’t been a fixture on Thrones since Season 3. At the time, he was traveling with the Brotherhood Without Banners, the outlaw group he’s now leading with the Red Priest Thoros of Myr in Season 6. When Arya and Sandor Clegane encountered them back in Season 3, they foreshadowed Jon Snow’s death and resurrection three seasons before it happened. Berric and Jon have something important and rare in common, as the only two characters who have died and been resurrected by Red Priests.

Crucially, however, Berric has been resurrected a whopping six times, and he’s commented that each time he returns to the world of the living, he comes back “less” than he was.

A new Season 7 behind the scenes video already confirmed that Jon Snow will be traveling North of The Wall. Judging from Berric’s surroundings in the new photo, he’s certainly not in the South.

Berric Dondarrion in 'Game of Thrones' Season 7


The last time Berric was onscreen for an extended period of time, he foreshadowed Jon’s death and resurrection. His renewed prominence in Season 7 therefore suggests that the element of coming back “less” will come up again — when he meets Jon in the North.

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres July 16 on HBO.

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