The Tesla Model Y Looks Stunning in This Concept Art

Peisert Design

Nobody’s quite sure what the Tesla Model Y will look like. The company’s upcoming entry-level sports utility vehicle was shown in a teaser image last week, but beyond that it’s hard to say for sure what Elon Musk has in store. A new concept rendering, produced by Peisert Design, aims to fill in the gaps, using the teaser image as a starting point. The result is outstanding.

“This week, I tried to uncover the upcoming Tesla [Model Y] based on the released teaser,” Jan Peisert, a web designer based in Düsseldorf, Germany, that runs Peisert Design, tells Inverse. “I used elements from the Model 3 and Model X to give the car a decent Tesla look.”

Peisert has produced other Tesla concept renderings in the past. In April, he made a concept image of a next-generation Tesla Roadster, another vehicle Musk has already announced but has yet to detail in public. In that rendering, Peisert took cues from the Model 3, the entry-level sedan set to enter production next month, and used the Toyota FT-1 concept car as a starting point.

The Model Y is expected to “hit the roads” some time in 2019. Where the Model 3 is a discount version of the Model S, the Model Y will serve as a budget version of the Model X. The four vehicles will spell out “S3XY,” and Peisert has produced an image depicting the four vehicles in a line.


Peisert Design

Beyond the four vehicles and the Roadster, Tesla is also currently working on a semi truck that uses several Model 3 motors to power an industry vehicle. Like the Model Y, Musk has only released a teaser for the semi truck, but anticipation is running high that Tesla could move to transform industry beyond the high-end consumer car market.

Musk has plans to greatly expand Tesla production. Over the coming year, Tesla plans to increase car production fivefold, making 500,000 cars by the end of 2018. Half of these will be Model 3 vehicles, and if the Model Y aims to reach a wider market like the Model 3, expect to see that vehicle push production numbers up further. It’s an exciting time for a company that, until now, has been the reserve of luxury car buyers interested in having the latest and greatest.

Watch Peisert’s process in action here:

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