Black Phillip Comes Out of Retirement for 'It Comes at Night’

'Bitches I'm back."


The goat that played Black Philip in 2015’s horror masterpiece The Witch is living deliciously again, this time in the psychological thriller It Comes at Night.

In an interview with Mic Friday, It Comes At Night star Christopher Abbott [revealed]((https://mic.com/articles/179446/riley-keough-and-christopher-abbott-share-secrets-from-the-set-of-it-comes-at-night#.3IzKdVIJX) that the goat briefly featured in the woodsy film is the same horned animal as the hellion being from The Witch. “Yeah, it was literally the same goat,” Abott said. “It must just be A24’s goat. …It’s in the mailing room, too. That’s a fun little fact. People are gonna freak out over that.”

Whether or not the goat — who is actually named Charlie — is in fact living in the mailing room of A24, the entertainment company is fully backing the idea of a Black Phillip Cinematic Universe within A24 films.

The goat caused a small sensation back in 2015 when it became a fan favorite with audiences who saw The Witch. Although Charlie was reported to be retired at this point, living on a farm in Northern Ontario near where The Witch was shot, he himself confirmed that he’s back.

What will be the next instalment in the Black Phillip Cinematic Universe? A24’s Woodshock, starring Kirsten Dunst, looks pretty strange; maybe there will be a goat in that.

It Comes at Night is in theaters now.

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