Thor Concedes That Wonder Woman Could Kick His Ass

Warner Bros., Marvel Entertainment

If Wonder Woman and Thor were to ever clash, which of the two otherworldly titans of comics would come out on top? If you ask the stars behind the mythic superheroes, everyone seems to agree: Wonder Woman would kick his ass.

On June 2, the day that Patty Jenkins’s record-breaking Wonder Woman hit theaters, Yahoo News anchor Katie Couric tweeted a five-second video of star Gal Gadot throwing playful shade at Chris Hemsworth and his signature superhero, the Mighty Thor of the Marvel Universe. “They ask me, ‘Who would win: Wonder Woman or Thor?’ And I think it’s Wonder Woman,” Gadot says. “Don’t you Chris?”

Hemsworth, who was tagged by Couric, replied: “I think she’d kick Thor’s a**.”

With more than $100 million earned in its opening weekend, it seems not even the Son of Odin wants to challenge the Princess of Themyscira. But Diana is a diplomat, which may have inspired Gal Gadot to respond in a positive light: “I always knew you were a smart guy :) But I think its worth a fight . we should collide worlds 😏”

Here’s a little nerd trivia for you: That’s actually happened before! Kind of. Back in the ‘90s, Marvel and DC published several crossover comics in which their universes collided with each other.

In 1996’s Marvel vs. DC #2, a series in which epic crossover battles were decided by fan votes, Thor lost his hammer Mjolnir whilst battling Shazam (then named Captain Marvel). Mjolnir then found its way to Wonder Woman, whose pure power of love made her worthy to lift up the hammer. But as X-Men’s Storm approached her to fight, Wonder Woman dropped Mjolnir: She only wanted a fair fight.

Wonder Woman lifting Thor's hammer, in 'Marvel vs. DC' #2 from 1996.


It’s doubtful that the Marvel and DC universes will ever cross over on the big screen — think of the budget — but it’s fun to know that the film stars seem eager for it to happen.

Wonder Woman is out now in theaters.