Watch Kaneki Embrace Being a Monster in New ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Trailer

"I am now a GHOUL."

In the just-released trailer for the live-action Tokyo Ghoul adaptation, Ken Kaneki transitions into a ghoul and embraces the new identity, because he’s the only one that can save a world gone wrong. That involves using his powers to their full potential to fight a cop and taste his blood.

Something of a cautionary tale for the worst possible outcome for a date ever, Tokyo Ghoul involves the human Ken Kaneki getting attacked by his beautiful date, Rize, who happens to be superpowered cannibalistic ghoul that wants to devour him. When an accident during the attack seemingly kills her and nearly kills Kaneki as well, an emergency procedure saves his life at the expense of his humanity.

He becomes a ghoul and has to acclimate to ghoulish culture while trying to reconcile his hunger for human flesh with his efforts at clinging to his humanity.

In the trailer, we see each of these main plot points, and despite Kaneki’s lofty ambitions of saving the world, he still unleashes his full powers while under his mask to fight a member of the CCG named Amon, who is more or less a cop specially tasked with exterminating ghouls. He makes full use of what’s known as a ghoul’s kagune, which manifests as writhing tentacles that can be used to pierce and kill a ghoul’s prey.

Check out the trailer here:

The live-action Tokyo Ghoul film will be released in Japan on July 29, 2017.

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