This is Elon Musk’s Favorite James Bond Movie

Of course it is.

by Monica Hunter-Hart
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In a Twitter thread on Wednesday, Elon Musk revealed both his favorite James Bond actor and his favorite Bond movie: Roger Moore, who played Bond between 1973 and 1985 and passed away on Tuesday, and Moore’s fourth Bond film, the space-themed Moonraker.

Musk was explicitly asked whether Moonraker was his favorite, to which he replied, “Busted.”

It’s no surprise that the founder of SpaceX loves the film that launched Bond into the cosmos. Moonraker is full of excellent space scenes, including one in which Bond destroys a globe carrying nerve gas just before it enters Earth’s atmosphere, like a freakin’ pro.

Musk also noted that he “particularly loved” The Spy Who Loved Me, another choice that was easy to spot coming: A few years ago he bought the iconic car that Moore drives in that movie, a Lotus Esprit that can transform into a submarine.

In another tweet on Wednesday, Musk noted that he won’t be trying to revamp that vehicle: “Will keep the original Bond Lotus sub as-is. That design can’t actually convert from car to sub. Have a new design in mind that does.” Classic Elon beguilement.

It’s not hard to imagine a young Elon fantasizing about space travel while watching epic Moonraker scenes like this:

Good shot.

United Artists

It’s also easy to see why Elon loved Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me, an awesome film in which Moore displayed moves like this:

Wipe out.

YouTube user: mgmvod

As well as moves like this:

With Barbara Bach.

YouTube user: mgmvod

And an ability to bring a dose of humor to the absurdity of the typical James Bond plot:

His classic eyebrow twitch.

YouTube user: Cal Vid

Rest in peace, Roger Moore. Honor this most excellent Bond by listening to some of Moore’s best interview podcasts.

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