This Infographic Sheds Light on the Most Popular Car Tech Terms


Unsure about level four? Don’t know your OBD from your V2V? Modern car technologies have introduced a baffling lexicon of new words and phrases, aimed at describing the latest features and gadgets coming to cars of the future.

Fortunately, a new infographic from Klashwerks promises to solve the problem. The connected car company has produced a guide that separates out various terms and phrases, demystifying some of the more obscure phrases.

Do you know, for example, what level three autonomous driving is? The Society of Automotive Engineers has produced a range of levels from zero to five, aimed at judging a vehicle’s ability to drive itself. A level three autonomous car might sound like something out of the future, but in fact it’s only level four and five vehicles that work entirely unaided without the need for human intervention.

Cars are growing more technologically advanced, and as self-driving cars maneuver their way onto the road, they’re only going to get more complicated. For example, each Tesla car shipping today comes with an Nvidia Drive PX 2, a computing platform with the potential to support up to 24 trillion deep learning operations per second. The chips are used today to power autonomous driving along highways, but with a future update, the computer will be able to drive the car fully autonomously by taking input from a variety of sensors and interpreting the world.

View the infographic below:

The infographic.


Hopefully the world of hi-tech cars is a tad less daunting now.

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