Here's Where Arya Stark Probably Is in New 'GoT' Season 7 Photos 

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After spending a stressful couple of seasons in the warm, sunny Essos, Arya Stark is headed to colder climates in Game of Thrones Season 7. After she left Braavos and returned to Westeros for a Red Wedding revenge dish best served warm at the end of Season 6, new Season 7 photos are indicating a return to Winterfell.

The latest batch of photos, which Entertainment Weekly released on Monday, show a girl on a horse, outside a heavy-looking door of a stone building that is probably Winterfell.

This makes sense, as it’s a fairly short journey from The Twins, the Frey stronghold where she ended Season 6. She wouldn’t feel the need to disguise herself or sneak into Winterfell if she heard word on the street that Jon Snow is the new King in the North and Sansa Stark rules by his side. All signs point to yet another Stark reunion happening soon — although, since the new photos also show Jon riding away, it would be just like Game of Thrones to have Arya and Jon just miss each other.

Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones' Season 7

HBO/Entertainment Weekly

But in the event that Arya is not at Winterfell, there are other intriguing possibilities for where that stone door is. She could be leaving The Twins, which also has large doors and imposing stone exteriors.

She could also be visiting another important Northern house, perhaps seeing allies in her revenge quest for all who have wronged the Starks. After all, the motto “The North Remembers” involves remembering who divided and stole the North and, presumably, extracting revenge. In slaying Walder Frey, Arya has arguably “remembered” more than anybody else. While Jon and Sansa wade knee deep in politics, Arya’s mission is making sure the traitors in the North don’t forget what they did.

Recall that when Jon and Sansa visited House Mormont and House Glover in Season 6’s “The Broken Man,” their architecture was similar to Winterfell. The North really likes large doors and stone buildings.

Sansa and Jon in Season 6's "The Broken Man"


While the new photo does not definitively prove that a girl is at Winterfell, it shows that she’s on the move in the North. It’s only a matter of time before Arya Stark returns home.

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on July 16 on HBO.

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