New 'Game of Thrones' Theory Says Westeros Is 'Westworld'


The fact that both Game of Thrones and Westworld are genre shows on HBO seems like their only similarity —but a new fan theory claims that Game of Thrones is actually an immersive and futuristic vacation experience, just like Westworld.

On Wednesday, one fan on Reddit posited that Game of Thrones is actually not set in a magical fun-house version of medieval Europe but rather in the near-future of our own world. Much like Westworld, it is a high-stakes simulation game for the wealthy.

Unlike simply losing sight of their former selves the way the Man in Black did, the theory suggests that a player’s mind is in the world of GoT, where they temporarily forget their real life. In the outside world, their body hibernates. It’s Westworld mixed with Avatar, sprinkled with a dash of Source Code.

While there is admittedly little to suggest that this interpretation will come to fruition, the fan makes two logical points. First, this theory neatly explains the weird passage of time in Game of Thrones, where seasons last years and characters’ ages are vague. “Time passes 500 times slower in game than in real world, so you can have a playthrough in ~30 days,” the fan writes.

And second, it explains the mysterious way gods operate in Westeros and Essos. According to this theory, the gods are actually game “admins” who manipulate the game for the most important players. “R’hllor is really the most overpowered admin right now… He can resurrect players from the dead,” the fan says.

At least R’hllor is less of a dick than Westworld’s Lee Sizemore.

While there is a surprising amount of logic to this supposition, for the loyal Game of Thrones fan, it won’t seem like anything to them.

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres July 16. No date has been announced yet for Westworld Season 2.

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