First 'Star Trek: Discovery' Photo Features Classic Communicator 


Captain Philippa Georgiou and First Officer Michael Burnham are exploring the surface of a strange, new world in the first in-character photo from Star Trek: Discovery. And tucked away in Burnham’s belt is a classic, chunky flip-top communicator.

On Wednesday, the Star Trek Twitter account posted a picture of Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green as Captain Georgiou and Michael Burnham, respectively. This is the first in-universe image from the new Star Trek show. The uniforms of the two characters can’t be seen under what looks like desert robes, but Burnham clearly has a Starfleet communicator just waiting to be taken out so she can ask someone to beam her up. Neither character seems to be armed with a phaser, though those could be tucked away in their pouches. Are these two undercover? Or are these just Starfleet robes used for a special desert terrain planet? If so, the clothes are vaguely reminiscent of the robes worn by Captain Sisko (Avery Brooks) and Ezri Dax (Nicole de Boer) in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Shadows and Symbols.”

The first 'Star Trek: Discovery' photo (classic communicator is circled).

Below is the classic communicator from “The Cage,” which takes place roughly in the same time period as Discovery, around 2254.

Captain Pike's communicator from "The Cage"

As pointed out by the fan video series Awesome Sauce, Burnham looks to be rocking a classic-era Tricorder in her pouch, too. This was confirmed by writer Ted Sullivan on Twitter on Wednesday.

As far as the robes, here’s Ezri and Sisko in similar Starfleet desert robes in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Star Trek: Discovery airs sometime in the fall of 2017.

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