New 'Discovery' Video Gives Glimpses of New Uniforms and Ships

The first official glimpses of the crew and ship of Star Trek: Discovery are here — and it looks like the Starfleet Uniforms will be appropriately retro, while the ships will push classic Star Trek design forward, without getting too crazy.

On Tuesday, the official Star Trek YouTube channel dropped a video announcing that Star Trek: Discovery is in production. Featuring a photo montage of behind-the-scenes photos from all the previous TV versions Star Trek, the voiceover promised that Discovery will define the famous science fiction series again. And after the trip down memory lane — including photos of Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Whoopi Goldberg, Nichelle Nichols, Kate Mulgrew, and others — the video finally teased some new stuff. There were at least three glimpses of brand-new Star Trek materials being developed for Discovery, including the newly designed Starfleet uniform.

For just a second, as the voiceover promises “the next chapter,” an actor is clearly seen being fitted with the latest Star Fleet uniform design, complete with the iconic “arrowhead” insignia. As mentioned by former showrunner Bryan Fuller, the new uniform does look to be a blend of old and new Star Trek costume designs.

For diehards, the insignia visibl indicates this crew member is part of the engineering division. Notably, the design is vaguely similar to the updated classic uniforms from the current reboot Star Trek films.

The footage also shows the outline of a starship, which may or may not be the Discovery, but based on the shape of the warp nacelles, this seems like a different design of the ship than what’s been revealed in previously released test footage. The video also pauses on what looks like new alien armor, perhaps for the Klingons. It also focuses on what is certainly the new captain’s chair, which is vaguely reminiscent of Captain Archer’s command chair from Enterprise, which, chronologically, makes sense.

For Star Trek fans desperate for any scrap of information, the video will give you chills. For Romulan agents hoping to sabotage Federation vessels, the information included below is essential.

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