'Aliens' Honest Trailer Is the Best Primer for 'Covenant'

20th Century Fox

Just as Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) felt the need, for some reason, to return to the planet where her crew perished at the jaws of the xenomorphs, the enduringly popular “Honest Trailers” has returned to Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. Before revisiting the “grimy, sweaty, truck stop bathroom that is the Alien universe” for the upcoming Alien: Covenant, check out the franchise’s original sequel, which should aptly prepare you.

On Tuesday, Honest Trailers posted its Aliens take to YouTube, and it is, honestly, the best primer for the upcoming Alien: Covenant. Aliens reused a beloved character — Ripley — and threw her back into the depths, setting her misadventures to a louder, more amped-up version of the original. Honestly, that’s exactly what Covenant’s trailers have made it look like.

“Before you see the sequel to whatever Prometheus was about, revisit a sequel that wasn’t necessarily better than the original, but it damn sure was bigger, yellier, and ten times more boomier,” the usual deep, dramatic voice-over says in the new trailer.

In the Honest Trailer, Ripley and her new gang of meat-headed space marines go up against “the nastiest monsters in the galaxy: corporate middle managers … and also some xenomorphs.” They take on the equally horrifying xenomorphs with “big-ass futuristic guns, assault rifles, fire, tiny little shotguns, handguns, or extra-slow robot punches.”

Aliens also features what the trailer appropriately calls “the most badass moment in sci-fi history.” Ripley’s iconic line, “get away from her, you bitch,” solidified Aliens’s spot in the sci-fi hall of fame. Covenant can only hope for such a defining moment.

Alien: Covenant premieres in theaters May 19.