Facehuggers Do Their Terrifying Thing in 'Alien: Covenant' Scene

20th century fox

Full-grown xenomorphs are the deadliest killers in the galaxy. Their chestburster forms are gory, fatal parasites. But, as a new clip from the upcoming Alien: Covenant shows, you shouldn’t count out the facehugger stage. Even though these skittering death-masks have one sole purpose — impregnating their host — they can still totally mess a poor colonizer up.

The clip focuses on Demián Bichir’s character as he explores a dark, underground room. He finds a room full of Ovomorphs (the eggs the facehuggers spring from), only he doesn’t get much of a chance to ponder what he’s seeing before a facehugger leaps up at him. He fends it off, at first, but it’s shockingly fast and aggressive. Eventually, he falls prey to it as it manages to wrap around him.

Luckily for Bichir, another member of the Covenant crew comes to his aid and cuts the facehugger off. Except, maybe he’s not so lucky, because xenomorph blood is basically acid.

The clip ends just as Bichir looks up in agony and, horrified, sees something lurking behind them. We don’t get to see what it is, but it can’t be good.

Alien: Covenant will be out in theaters soon, on May 19.