‘Wonder Woman’ Looks Like It Will Feature a Classic DC Team

Said Taghmaoui / Twitter

A team of ace fighter pilots from a classic DC Comics series might be flying their way into Wonder Woman’s adventure in June.

On Twitter, actor Said Taghmaoui teased a side-by-side image of his character from Wonder Woman and a comic illustration of Andre Blanc-Dumont, a French member of the Blackhawks, a popular squad of fighter pilots from the comics. It seems likely his character and his companions will offer up a live-action portrayal of the fictional military heroes — or at least some version of the team.

IMDb lists Taghmaoui’s character name as “Sameer” — so it could be that he’s not actually Andre Blanc-Dumont, but rather a new character based on the comic flying ace.

In the 1940s, The Blackhawks were hugely popular (only beat in sales by Superman) as the squad flew and fought in World War II. At the time, though, the characters didn’t belong to DC. That didn’t happen until 1957. Typically, the Blackhawks fought the tyranny of the Axis powers and, later, more outlandish fiends like Killer Shark. But now, it appears they’ll be transported from WWII back to World War I so they can fly alongside Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman comes to the land of man on June 2.

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