Hugh Jackman Will Be Part of the Black and White 'Logan' Showing

20th Century Fox

A black-and-white version of Wolverine’s masterful swan song, Logan, is hitting theaters for one night and one night only later this month. As if a gorgeous alternate version of the movie wasn’t good enough, now Hugh Jackman has revealed that he’ll be part of the very special evening, as he and director James Mangold will take part in a Q&A session that will be live-streamed to all the theaters.

The event will take place on May 16 at Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters around the country — well, certain parts of the country. As the list of participating locations shows, Logan fans in the Midwest are pretty much screwed. Luckily, the black-and-white version will be available on Blu-ray when it comes out the following week, but it’s unclear if the live Q&A session will be released to the public, though that seems likely.

Tickets for “Logan Noir,” as the event is being called, are already starting to sell out, so if you wanna go, it’s probably best to act now.

Even without Jackman and Mangold’s Q&A, the black-and-white version of Logan should be something to see. Mangold said it’s a “very handsome” version of the acclaimed movie.