Big 'Star Trek: Discovery' News is Probably Coming Next Week

In the Star Trek timeline, the launch of the USS Discovery probably won’t happen until the early 2250s, but here on our planet, the beginning start date of Star Trek: Discovery is still in question. All that might change next week when CBS reveals its fall lineup on May 17.

On Tuesday, Reddit users posted a Variety article from April 26, which reported a full list of presentations from major TV networks. The list confirms that on May 17, CBS will be presenting its “Fall Upfronts,” which will almost certainly include confirmations about the premiere date of Star Trek: Discovery. Fans on Reddit are also speculating this industry news could coincide with the release of a new trailer.

Following the news that Discovery is on track for a fall release, it stands to reason a premiere date for the show will be confirmed during the CBS presentation on May 17. However, casting news on Discovery has been released without a real pattern, so a trailer could potentially come even earlier.

The basic premise of Star Trek: Discovery also remains a closely-guarded secret. Though the show is said to feature the Klingons, Spock’s father Sarek, and take place roughly a decade before the original series, almost nothing about what the starship Discovery is supposed to be doing has been explained. Hopefully, CBS will throw Trekkies a bone next week.

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