Maximus Acts Very Ramsay-Like in First 'Inhumans' Teaser


When Marvel released the first picture of the main characters in its upcoming Inhumans TV show, the reception wasn’t great. But, while the first image from the show might not look great, Inhumans sure sounds good, as a new, audio-only teaser, released on Friday, promises betrayal and courtly intrigue. Especially when the bad guy is being played by Iwan Rheon, and it seems like he’s bringing the same evil cunning he displayed while playing Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones.

In Inhumans, Rheon plays Maximus the Mad, the brother of the Inhuman king, Black Bolt (Anson Mount). He is, as his moniker might suggest, somewhat mad, and he plans on usurping his brother and taking the Inhuman throne for himself. Which, you know, sounds kinda like something Ramsay would do.

“Are we supposed to follow our king and remain as silent as he is?” Maximus asks in the teaser while the Inhumans logo slowly floats into view.

“You’re talking about betraying your brother. You’re talking about treason,” someone responds.

“What I’m talking about is freedom,” he replies as ominous music swells. “Freedom for all Inhumans.”

The first two episodes of Inhumans will premiere in IMAX on September 1. The rest of the show will air on ABC this fall.

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