What Does Savitar's True Identity Mean for His Prophecies?

One shall fall. But who will it be?

The CW

Savitar has been unmasked on The Flash, and it’s none other than (spoilers) Barry Allen from the future. Indeed, the God of Speed who’s run amok in Season 3 is a future version of Barry Allen, scarred and alone after losing everyone he’s loved due to still unknown events. But, Savitar’s “prophecies” are still looming over Team Flash, only they aren’t still prophecies as much as they are painfully and purposefully vague hints about the future. Now that we know the identity of Savitar, what do his prophecies really mean?

As a refresher, earlier this season Savitar ominously told S.T.A.R. Labs what awaits them: “One shall betray you. One shall fall. One will suffer a fate worse than death.” It’s no “democracy dies in darkness,” but it’s still pretty metal — and two of them have already come true.

Caitlin betrayed the team when she selfishly kept a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone, which she did on the off chance she could cure her Killer Frost alter ego. So much good that did: Killer Frost has now taken Caitlin Snow over completely, and it looks like there’s no turning back.

Wally West “suffered a fate worse than death” when he was temporarily trapped in the Speed Force, forced to relive his mother’s death for eternity. That really is a fate worse than death, even if it didn’t last. Barry Allen and Jay Garrick rescued Wally from the Speed Force, though Jay had to stay behind to take his place. So did Wally fall to the prophecy, or was it Jay Garrick? And is he even doing okay?

The one prophecy left is “One shall fall,” and that might have already come true. Maybe. While Savitar/Future Barry is in hot pursuit of Iris West and seems super intent on killing her, is Iris West the one who shall fall? Or is it going to be Barry Allen, who will “fall” from grace to become Savitar?

One thing is for sure. There’s still one more prophecy left to fulfill, and whoever will be the on to “fall” will change The Flash forever.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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