'The Defenders' Unite (But Don't Get Along) in First Trailer 


Netflix’s four street-level Marvel heroes — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist — are finally going to team up to fight evil in the upcoming The Defenders series this summer. But, based on the first trailer that dropped on Wednesday morning, they don’t really like each other.

The spot opens with Luke Cage’s Misty Knight interrogating Jessica Jones, who seems like she made things worse while trying to help out the wrongfully imprisoned Hero for Hire. Luckily, Matt Murdock swoops in as her attorney before she can say anything that’ll get her in even worse trouble, but it’s clear that Jessica isn’t a huge fan.

After that, we see Luke Cage give Iron Fist a smackdown, which feels pretty good to watch, but then Danny returns the favor with a powered-up punch, recreating the big slow-motion sock to the jaw from Luke Cage’s premiere. Still, Luke isn’t having any of Danny’s shit.

From there, we see a revived Elektra, Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious villain, and lots of inter-team bickering. Danny, poor, sweet, dumb Danny, thinks they’re a great team. Everyone else disagrees, but they better hope that Iron Fist is actually right if the Defenders are going to be able to defeat their enemy.

The Defenders hits Netflix on August 18, 2017.

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