Todd McFarlane is Finished With His 'Spawn' Movie Script

Image Comics

Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane is now one step closer to making the Spawn movie fans are dreaming of. In a brief Facebook Live video, late on Monday afternoon, McFarlane broadcasted from his office to give his 384,000 Facebook fans an update on his highly-anticipated, R-rated Spawn movie: The script is done. Now, McFarlane says, comes everything else in the world of moviemaking.

At 136 pages, which in screenwriting talk means the film clocks in at approximately 136 minutes, McFarlane says he’ll have to trim it down to achieve the cozy two-hour mark preferred by most Hollywood studios. Because the script is still too long, McFarlane says only when it’s trimmed is when he’ll take meetings with interested parties, which he seems on track to do before Comic-Con International in San Diego.

“I’ve already had over 14 inquiries from people coming my way,” McFarlane says in the video. “So in the next, probably two months, I’m hoping before [the] San Diego convention, we will have a big announcement as to when, where, how, and why this thing is going to continue to get more momentum on it. But, the script is done, no more talk. It’s time to actually start … making this movie.”

McFarlane then gives his fans a look at one whole page from an early point in the script, which, bless you if you can actually read it clearly. But it is refreshing when a screenwriter gives the entire internet a glimpse at their work when it’s still in the rough stages.

And for those wondering, McFarlane says his film is still an R-rated horror movie and not a superhero movie.

See McFarlane’s Facebook Live video below.

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