The 20 Coolest Signs at the People's Climate March

Defending the lives of turtles and all other living creatures on our beloved planet Earth.

Thousands of demonstrators descended on Washington, D.C., Saturday for the People’s Climate March. Braving sweltering temperatures, participants marked President Trump’s first 100 days in office with a colorful show of defiance right in his own backyard.

Organized yearly by the People’s Climate Movement the march brings together environmental activists, labor groups, indigenous communities and anyone else who thinks the Earth is important to demand urgent action on climate change. Given the Trump administration’s general rhetoric regarding the environment and their plan to gut the EPA, the mood this year appeared especially fervent. Still, a lot of demonstrators managed to express themselves with a sense of humor, and we are gathered here to appreciate them. Here are Inverse’s favorite signs from the People’s Climate March in D.C.

Actually a really good idea

The power of the people

#climatemarchdc2017 #showofhands

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This sign is being facetious.


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That graphic …

Denying climate change is not schwifty at all.

"Riggity wrecked" #rickandmorty #photography #peoplesclimatemarch #washingtondc #climatechange #protest #protestsigns

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A true meeting of the minds

March in April

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Fair enough


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Also fair enough

Balls: 94F in April! #climatechange #climate #trump #climatemarch

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Sad Earth

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Such a little cutie! #washingtondc #marchagainsttrump

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Trying to get off the wagon

We all like turtles!

I like turtles too #peoplesclimatemarch #washingtondc #climatemarch #turtles #climatejustice

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Stranger than fiction


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Token meme as analogy for dissent.


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Hell yeah.

There he is again!

BEAKER!!!!!! 😅 #peoplesclimatemarch #climatemarch #washingtondc #beaker #meep #muppets

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Honestly, you’d think he could have made a better sign.

Treat the planet like it's Earth, not Uranus #climatemarch #climatechange

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All aboard

#ClimateMarch #Resist 😜💪🏿😜💪🏿

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At least there’s a bright side.

Investment opportunity! #climatemarch

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