The 7 Best Vapes for Beginners

Get your cloud on. 

So you’ve decided to finally immerse yourself in the incredible world of vaping. Congratulations! You’re probably asking yourself at this point, however — what the hell am I supposed to buy? Don’t be embarrassed: between having to parse through the distinctions between MODS, dry herb vapes, concentrate vapes, pens, desktop vapes — the list goes on — there’s a dizzying amount of options.

You’re a noob, but you don’t want to be basic. You want something that’s sleek, sophisticated, not to complicated to work, but overall actually works — and won’t explode in your face like you’re some kind of putz. You’ll probably want to stick with what’s called a MOD: a vape that doesn’t look like a regular e-cigarette.

MODs look like bigger electronic devices. Like e-cigs, they convert e-liquid (tobacco infused liquid, sometimes referred to as e-juice and usually sprinkled with some sort of appealing flavor). True vaporizers typically turn herbal material into a vaporized smoke to be inhaled. MODs are much easier to deal with, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They consist of a few basic parts: a tank to hold the e-juice, a battery, an atomizer coil that turns the juice into vapor, and a mouthpiece from which to smoke out of.

MODs are generally easy to maintain. They typically just require you to clean it out every few weeks, and to replace the coil after some time. In addition, many MODs let you apply temperature modulation to change up how much you’re actually inhaling based on preferences.

Below are seven suggestions for what vapes to pick up right now. You might graduate soon enough to something bigger and badder, or you might find yourself sticking with one of these babies until it breaks down like a first car. Regardless, if you find yourself embracing life as a vape freak, these are some pretty easy gateways into that world.

Kanger TopBox Mini


Kanger TopBox Mini: $75

The Kanger TopBox Mini is about as standard as you can go. It’s got everything you need, with a capacity to go up to 75W, and a micro USB port for easy charging. It’s extremely easy to use, and boasts a robust design to prevent anything hazardous from happening. The price is a bit hefty, but it’s worth it if you have no idea what you’re doing and want to deal with as few worries as possible.

Vaporesso Target


Vaporesso Target: $90

This is actually the author’s own preferred vape of choice. Like the Kanger TopBox Mini, the Vaporesso Target is extremely easy to use and maintain, with the ability to shift back and forth between wattage settings and straight temperature control (the difference basically allows you to decide between taking rapid-fire puffs in shorter bursts, or slower, more lengthy hits). And the design is just sleek as hell, too.

Kanger Subvod


Kanger SUBVOD: $40

This is basically a slimmer MOD that’s a little bit easier to carry around in your bag or pocket, but still carries quite a bit of e-juice in the tank, and still possesses a pretty long-lasting battery. The SUBVOD is probably the way to go if you’re trying to take up vaping in a more casual manner.

Laisimo V80


Laisimo V80: $49

If you wanted a vape that could be mistaken for an iPod, this is the one for you. The Laisimo V80 has a freakin’ touchscreen on the front to help you adjust all the variable settings like wattage, and keep track of other metrics like puffs and battery life. The biggest catch: you have to find your own vape tank and mouthpiece to install and use for this one.

Triton II

Halo Cigs

Triton II: $45

If you want something that’s even more slim, you’ll be interested in a vape pen. Look no further than the Triton II. You’re not going to be able to do much in the way of variable functionality, but you’ll get a pretty standard vape experience out of this, and without the hassle of having to lug around something bulky and more awkwardly shaped.

Aspire Pegasus


Aspire Pegasus: $80-$50

This is one of the classiest vapes on the market. The Aspire Pegasus just looks plain dope. It retains a lot of the functionality of the other vapes on this list, but the Pegasus just looks a helluva lot sleeker. There are three different wood-inspired finishes you can choose from, and they all look incredibly nice. The Pegasus is more expensive than most other vapes for this reason, but it’s worth it if your main goal through vaping is to turn heads.

Eleaf iCare


Eleaf iCare: $12

This is about as basic as you can get. The iCare is about the size of a pack of gum, looking less like a recognizable vape and more like a cartridge to be plugged into a computer. It’s extremely portable — it can basically fit right into your pocket. It can’t really do too much in terms of delivering a really unique vape experience, but for the price and ease of use, you can’t really complain.

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